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Iron waxing

  • Rub a thin layer of Fluor block on to the ski
  • Use an Iron (150 -160 °C) to melt the Fluor to the ski base.
  • Cool down the ski
  • Brush the ski with a horse hair and a nylon brush

TIP: At cold conditions finalize waxing with cold Fluor block waxing.

Glide Tape waxing

  • Rub thin layer of block on to the ski
  • Attach tip or tail of ski to the glide tape package and pull out the glide tape over the glide area of the ski (ensure the writing on the tape faces up)
  • Heat Iron to 150-160 °C. Glide the Iron slowly on the glide tape so that wax will warm and attach to the glide surface. The tape surface will get darker when the wax has melted.  
  • After ironing pull the glide tape away and brush the ski. The ski is ready for use!

 Cold Fluor Block waxing

  • Rub thin layer of block on to the ski
  • Attach Fluor Block to the ski by rubbing with natural cork
  • Coold down the ski and brush it.
  • Repeat waxing if race distance is long or snow conditions are aggressive.

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